ANNE+ Fresh New Amsterdam Based Lesbian Web-Series


Series about the turbulent love-life of the young lesbian Anne in Amsterdam

Here’s a fresh new teaser for the new Dutch webseries ANNE+
It’s about the turbulent love life of the young lesbian Anne in Amsterdam.


Now you can support the creators and help them release 4 new episodes. ANNE+ is raising money with Cinecrowd

“We have invested lots of love in filming the first two episodes last summer. With even more love we want to produce the other four episodes. But we need money to do so. And you can help us!”

“If you support ANNE+, you also support young people around the world who are looking for representation. You can make ANNE+ a project that goes across the world and be a part of the movement that brings more sexual diversity to entertainment media. Together we can make ANNE+!”

“We hope that you will support us to turn this amazing project into reality”

In the meantime, you can follow the making process on Facebook and Tumblr


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