Nadia – Highlights legal rights on homelessness


Nadia’, follows schoolgirl Nadia (Rosa Coduri) as she is kicked out of home by her mum (cameo role by Denise Gough) and has nobody to turn to, until her Head of Year Mr Green (Richie Campbell) discovers her sleeping rough on a bench and uses his own experience of homelessness to guide her through the system to get help.

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Starring: Richie Campbell, Rosa Coduri, Kayode Ewumi, Natalie Gumede, Olivier Award winner Denise Gough, BAFTA Award winner Adam Deacon, Ben Doc Brown Smith, David Vujanic, Leo Gregory, Nick Nevern, Humza Arshad and Michelle Greenidge

Directed by: Teddy Nygh
Written by: Alex Tenenbaum
Produced by: Nick Bedu & Leah Henry
DOP: Bani Mendy
Edited by: Oliver Parker
Composed by: Ben Smithers & Duncan F Brown


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