Satyavati examines the devastating consequences of “corrective rape”


Satyavati, tells the story of three young women who live together, two of whom are in a relationship. The parents of the third youngster, suspecting that their daughter is a lesbian, and decides to teach the young girls a lesson by having their uncle and friends rape them so that they can realize their “mistakes”.

The film produced by India base director Deepthi Tadanki, it examines the devastating consequences of this action and how the characters come to terms with life after the trauma.

Case studies across the globe have chronicled cases of “Corrective Rape” on women who’ve been discovered to be lesbians and as heinous as it may sound – the immediate kith and kin of the girl permit strangers to let the girl get raped, foolishly assuming that that is the only corrective measure for their girl to be cured of lesbianism and she will start thinking “normally”.

Director Deepthi Tadanki: “This film has no intention of disrespecting any culture or tradition of any clan or belief, however, if the film manages to open a debate about the tragic realities it speaks about and changes the mindset of at least a few individuals, it could be termed a success.”

“Satyavati, is an example of why we need to understand each other on levels of “Humanity” more, than inclining our existence on misconstrued and judgmental rules of some traditional influence or preaching of pre-historic literary references.”

Whilst writing the script of “Satyavati”, Deepthi said she had to be “precisely careful about the plot of the story, the sensitivity of the subject, and the characters in the story and other minute details concerning the dialogues exchanged and even the expressive interjections used by the characters.”

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