Freelancers Anonymous giving visibility to the LGBTQ community and women in tech industries


A lesbian comedy of errors, written, directed, and starring an ensemble of women, FREELANCERS ANONYMOUS is part of a brand with a narrative story that will crossover and integrate on multiple platforms.Alexandra Billings of the Golden Globe winning series TRANSPARENT has joined award-winning Spanish filmmaker Sonia Sebastian (DE CHICA EN CHICA/Amazon) and Chicago producers/co-writers Lisa Cordileone and Amy Dellagiarino.

Watch the trailer below:

“What makes us unique is that we are integrating a story across multiple platforms, from media in film to usable technology, in a way that not only gives visibility to the LGBTQ community but also invites audiences who would usually be more hesitant to see the world through the lens of a woman who just happens to be gay,” co co-writer Cordileone told SCREEN.

For co-writer Dellagiarino, “what’s exciting to me about this film is that not only is it a big, silly comedy, but it’s one made up almost entirely of women, mainly focusing on women in tech. I don’t think a lot of people are doing that type of thing right now, and I think it’s something everyone is ready for.”

The Freelancer Anonymous team is now working on bringing you the full feature. They hope to raise $28,000 which would cover the costs of crew, cast, catering, equipment, location fees and post production.

The Seed & Spark (Filmmakers crowdfunding platform) campaign is currently live –


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