Upcoming Movie Alert – Mercy’s Girl


Mercy, lives a double life. In one she is dating a sexual and loving college student named Jesse. In the other she is living by her family’s religious standards. As her two world’s begin to collide she must find her identity in both.

Chicago, IL. Struggling alcoholic Mercy’s life begins to come together with the help of a new friend Jesse. Coming from a background of strict religious objection, Mercys falters as she begins to fall in love with a woman.

Mercy moves into Jesse’s world full of acceptance and surprising new freedom. She is giving new meaning as she struggles to find consistent work. She finds courage in coming out to her distant father. All the while the inevitable meeting of her religious mother hangs like shadow.

Watch Trailer below

Available: Film Festivals in 2017


Director/Writer: Emily Lape

Executive Producers: Emily Lape & M.Yoon

Cinematographer: Justin Howe Sound: Samuel Guardalabene


Emily Lape, Alixon Hixon, Rainee Denham, Robert Kaercher, Dennis Newport, Ed Mendoza, DC Martin, Matt Katzenmeier

Facebook Page: Mercysgirl


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