Lesbian Themed Films to check out while you make out (and then some…)


We’ve compiled some of the sexiest Lesbian themed movies on demand to check out while you make out (and then some…).

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Exploring the art of seduction between two women, through six very different, incredibly sexy stories, SEXUAL TENSION: VIOLETAS is an assured lesbian classic in the making. Two guests of a hostel become roommates (and more); a keen shop assistant helps a woman uncertain about what dress to buy; great passion starts to develop between girls during a picnic, a few women get a little carried away whilst discussing films at a restaurant, and two high-class escorts discover that they are attracted to each other when they are in bed with a client. Never less than exciting and passionate, SEXUAL TENSION: VIOLETAS offers up six unforgettable stories of lesbian attraction.

The Mermaids
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The title film follows the adorably dorky Nikki through every good lesbian girl’s essential rite of passage- all female contact sports! Oh ,and that inevitable crush on your beautiful coach. LADY POCHOIR, on the other hand is an undeniably sexy trip following the life of Yv, bike courier by day and city ‘spray painter’ by night as she attracts the gaze of two stunning female suitors.

Night Dragon
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A tense low-budget thriller in the style of BoundNight Dragon is the taut story of professional hitmen and hitwomen, a revenge-driven thug and an innocent young woman caught in the crossfire. Young lawyer Millie (Annette Kellow) has fallen madly in love with the mysterious Liz (Imogen Church), but romance turns to betrayal when Millie, about to prosecute a vicious thug, discovers that the love of her life works for him. To make matters worse, two killers – the dangerously methodical but bookwormish Beckett (James Fisher) and the seriously deranged Hansen (Alan Ford) — appear on the scene to forcibly extract information from Millie. Who she should trust and who is bent on murder are the overriding questions as loyalties are tested, guns are drawn and knives are flashed. Love may or may not triumph in the end in this totally involving London underground crime thriller featuring two well-drawn and seriously non-stereotypical lesbians.

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Brian De Palma returns to the sleek, sly, seductive territory of Dressed To Kill with an erotic corporate thriller fueled by sex, ambition, image, envy and the dark, murderous side of PASSION.

Mary Marie
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Mary Marie unfolds the story of lifelong devotion between two women who can neither be fully together nor apart. In the wake of a mother’s passing, Mary (co-writer Alana Kearns-Green) and Marie (writer-director Alexandra Roxo) retrace their childhood footsteps back to the country house where they grew up. Seduced by the sultry heat of the rural summer, their sisterly affection begins to overflow into unspeakable love. Their forbidden intimacy deepens until a naive farm boy troubles the waters, unleashing waves of jealousy and betrayal, and exposing cruelty that only lovers are capable of. Mary Marie caused controversy among festival audiences worldwide.


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