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An enlightening tale about the infatuation of first love and its universal themes: Carole and Delphine fall in love against the backdrop of early feminist activism in 1971 France. After living in the city, Delphine is called home to help with her family farm in the countryside and is forced to choose between her responsibility to them and the life of love she had in Paris with Carole.

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“What makes Summertime really refreshing is that it doesn’t treat its central romance as anything but wholly normal, despite the attitude of other characters, or indeed, the tenor of the time in which it is set” –

“Artfully calculated and authentically felt, the unexpectedly effective “Summertime” combines the conventional structure of classic movie romance with a sensual same-sex frankness that couldn’t be more up-to-date.” Los Angeles Times

While the physical contrasts between Ms. de France and Ms. Higelin are striking, the differences of temperament and background that separate their characters rarely feel simplified. – NY Times

“Corsini, aided by cinematographer Jeanne Lapoirie who shot Andre Techine’s coming-out masterpiece Wild Reeds, presents a gay heroine who comes to consciousness and, with a little difficulty, adjusts to her place in the real, vividly cinematic world.” Out Magazine

“Catherine Corsini’s film highlights the successes of second-wave feminism, but it’s when the lovers move to the countryside that the film really finds its theme: the difficulties of growing up gay in a conservative community.” Total Film


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