French kiss: Océane Rose Marie on her new movie, Embrace Moi!


Oceanrosemarie (Océane Rose Marie) is an osteopath and during a session her on-off girlfriend Fantine (Laure Calamy) decides to break up with her. The charismatic and very sociable Oceanrosemarie doesn’t take long to get over her as she falls for beautiful Cécile, a photographer. However, there’s a problem, Oceanrosemarie has a lot of ex-girlfriends and a rather crazy family, plus she likes a good party with a lot of girls! Cécile is the opposite, very reserved and still pursuing a dream of becoming an artist. Will they find true love in all this mayhem?

The film had its International release in Belgiumon August 5th, 2017, and in Hong Kong Hopefully, it will get more territories releases. KizzTV will update on more releases when they will be announced.

Océane Rose Marie, the writer, director, and actress spoke to Asia Times about making Embrace Moi! (Kiss Me!, in English), and about lesbian romantic comedies in general about her movie and about lesbian romantic comedies more widely

Océane Rose Marie, plays the lead character “She is like the bigger than life version of myself, the worse and the better. The character is very inspired from my personal experience, and then I exaggerated …. For example, I would not stand on a table with a bra, and my exes are not so mean. But the fact that the character has a lot of exes is also my situation, and the fact that when she falls in love, she thinks ‘Oh, this is the girl of my life’, is also my case. We are both in love with love maybe. In this way, I think the character had to be somehow inspired by my life.”

Rose Maris went on to discuss her choice of creating a romantic comedy: ” But then, I also think it is very important for lesbians to have representations and

I think it is very important for lesbians to have representations and identification to a character who doesn’t die or kill people because she is a lesbian. I want to go out of these representations that are so bad and negative. So, it’s so important for me to offer a positive representation of a lesbian in my film.

“When I was a teenager everyone had good romantic comedies. They have all those fabulous movies like Bridget Jones. But we lesbians have nothing – or we only have depressed girls and serial killers. We deserve to have a fine, nice and sweet and funny romantic comedy. I missed it as a teenager and I wanted this movie to exist. I wasn’t thinking of doing it myself. I was waiting for somebody to do it, but nobody has done it – so I was like, okay, I am going to do it.”

“And also because, I think homosexuality is always a subject in films. For me, it should not be a subject anymore … To me it is very important to make a move that is not about homosexuality equals problem. It is important for me to make a story that is just a love story, so a 15-year-old teenager can go see [it] and say, ‘Oh, we are the same, falling in love and trusting someone is difficult no matter [if] you are gay or not’. It’s a feel good movie, it’s not intellectual, it’s not so complicated. It’s not about the suffering of being a lesbian, it’s about love.”


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