Our 6 Top Rated Lesbian Themed Web Series

Credit: La théorie du Y

Lady Les Bois Productions, based in Boise, Idaho, produces films created primarily by women. In an industry that is predominantly made up of men, Lady Les Bois creator Kirsten Strough feels that it is imperative to provide women with an opportunity to work in their craft and for audiences to have access to content created by women.

La théorie du Y: “Gratin à la Matteo”

It’s complicated
2 girls and a guy* learn that love is work.

The series is told through a fictional video journal broadcast by Laura Hollis (Bauman), a freshman studying journalism who has decided to document her college experience. When her roommate Betty (Glowicki) suddenly goes missing at a swim team party, Laura is assigned a new roommate, Carmilla Karnstein (Negovanlis), whom Laura describes as “broody.”

Starting from Now
The brainchild of writer/director/producer Julie Kalceff, Starting From Now has amassed over 33 million views and has been watched in more than 230 countries. Seasons 4 and 5 were acquired for broadcast and screened on Australian television in March, 2016. SFN has been selected for festivals all over the world and won numerous awards. Starring Bianca Bradey, Sarah de Possesse, Rosie Lourde and Lauren Orrell, all five seasons of the series are currently available

Sara, an apathetic teenager, will get art history tutoring from Helena. What neither of them know is that simple art lessons will become a more personal journey for Sara to accept herself.


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