Watch Girlfag: A journey of sexual and spiritual self-discovery


MIMICRY tells the story of the protagonist Mimi who identifies as a Girlfag (male homosexuality in females). Mimi just moved to a new city, she is in her late twenties and lives an ordinary student’s life; she does not seem to know her place in the world just yet. Stricken by self-doubt and confusion she goes on a journey of sexual and spiritual self-discovery through sex, drugs and Techno that leads her into a queer (LGBT) milieu. The journey helps her realise that a person’s character and sexuality are not dependent on their biological sex. The film strives to sketch out the idea of dissolving or fusing socially constructed gender roles, resulting in the protagonist’s inner conflict to be resolved.

Trailer Mimicry (English subtitles) 2017 from Jennifer von Schuckmann on Vimeo.

“Mimicry” wants to show the idea of a dissolution or fusion of all socially constructed gender roles, or to describe it quite simply: deal with yourself, get to know yourself, even the darkest corners of your identity. Learn the things about you that you would not otherwise explore, and then love the person you have found in you. Only when you have made peace with yourself, you can also make peace with humanity.”


Jennifer von Schuckmann describes herself as a girlfag – and with “Mimicry” she made the first feature film on the subject. The DVD can now be ordered. The DVD is nine euro (content: film, directors cut, trailer and eight making-of-clips) and it is now available for pre order. Just write an e-mail to, and she promises to send back the instructions. The DVD will be released in September or October. The money will cover DVD production costs, festival applications, etc.


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