Trump Sets New Low With Women Removing Sexual Assault Prevention Report

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President Trump’s terrible record with women and LGBT communities continues.

Alexandra Brodsky, a civil rights attorney and co-founder of KnowYourIX, an anti-sexual-violence organization, told HuffPost that she noticed that the “Rape and Sexual Assault: Renewed Call to Action” report was no longer on the White House’s website on Wednesday.

“I went looking for it because I’m working on briefing for a client who’s a survivor and was looking for some literature about the impact of sexual violence, and that’s been a really helpful resource for that kind of research,” Brodsky told HuffPost. “But it was no longer on the White House website. It’s not anywhere on the White House website.”

In 2014 the White House Council on Women and Girls, in partnership with then-Vice President Joe Biden, created the report, which looked at “sexual violence including sexual assault statistics and different ways the criminal-justice system and college campuses can improve in combating sexual and gender violence,” HuffPost reports.

Brodsky told HuffPost that the disappearance of the report was much like the removal of the page on climate change–which we all know Trump doesn’t believe in–shortly after he took office.

“I think one of the reasons that that example comes to mind is because this is a report of facts and research,” she said. “This is a summary of really important and, in some cases, government-funded work that was done to understand the causes and effects of sexual and gender violence. What does it mean that the Trump administration doesn’t want the public to have that information?”

HuffPost notes that the report can still be found on KnowYourIX’s website (pdf).

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) slammed the Trump administration on Thursday for appearing to remove a 2014 report on sexual assault.

“Survivors of sexual assault have endured a trauma most of us could never imagine. They deserve support, care, and compassion from their community. Instead, the Trump administration has consistently and willfully ignored their rights,” the DNC said in a statement.

“Removing this report is the latest example of the Trump administration’s efforts to systematically undermine critical policies that protect survivors and combat sexual violence,” the statement continued.


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