That’s Not Us


Plot: Three couples (lesbian, gay and straight) spend the last few days of summer away at a beach house. Although it was meant to be a relaxing trip, all three couples discover they are fighting the same battles to keep their relationships strong, healthy and at times alive.

Basic Review:

  • The main characters are three sexually diverse couples and I love the way the film compares and contrasts their relationships and behaviors.
  • The constant use of natural light, outdoor sounds, and scenic landscapes create the feeling of exposure and isolation in the summer glare.
  • The couples aren’t shown in specifically positive or negative light. The lesbian, gay and straight couples each share moments of love, romance, and turmoil but these changes give the characters an enjoyable depth.


  • The discussion of relationships, communication, sex and love is so wonderful to see navigated on screen. So rarely are these diverse representations in the same place at the same time.
  • In my opinion, the best thing about this film is the depiction of our generation. The 20 some things in their mixed sexuality friendship groups all trying to work our shit out at the same time.
    (Source: lesbianfilms)

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