All About Them (À Trois on y va)


During a tense time in their relationship, Charlotte and Micha stray from each other into the arms of their mutual friend Melodie, who can’t decide between the two or a ménage à trois…

Basic Review:

  • This film was a wonderful portrayal of three bisexual people who all fell in love with each other.
  • Their tangled love affair challenges ideas about monogamy and relationships.
  • The three main characters are all connected, so there is a comfortable closeness between the lovers, even though they are secretive at first, the chemistry is very clear in each passionate love scene.
  • The film is funny at times as you get caught up in the chase of the main characters hiding their affairs from each other.
  • In the end, it seemed like everyone got what they wanted and it was an edgy yet fun and flirtatious film to watch with progressive friends.
    (Source: lesbianfilms)

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