15 Year Old Transgender Boy Kills Himself Because School Refused To Change His Name


A transgender teenager killed himself in his bedroom after coming out to his “supportive” family and friends.

Leo Etherington, born Louise, was found hanged in the room by his horrified dad, Martin Etherington, after he failed to come downstairs for dinner.

The court was told that the 15-year-old committed suicide on an afternoon in May when his family believed he was revising for upcoming exams.

According to UK Mirror, he left a suicide note and had previously expressed anger at his school for not letting him change his name until he turned 16.


Mr Etherington, a lone parent after his wife died of breast cancer in 2013, said he was not initially worried when Leo didn’t come down for the meal.

The teenager had started using the name Leo after revealing to his father that he felt he had been born in the wrong body. Mr Etherington said that his son had been angry at his school for not letting him change his name. But he said he had a “supportive network” of loved ones.

In a recent video, After visiting the Los Angeles LGBT Center, Eddie Redmayne discussed the alarming numbers of suicide rates and violence against transgender youth, and how big the issue of homelessness is for LGBTQ+ youth. The center says on its work:

“An astounding 40% of the youth experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles are LGBT. Think about that for a moment. The CDC estimates that less than 3% of the population are gay or lesbian, yet 40% of the homeless youth in L.A. are LGBT or questioning.



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