Gay of Thrones


The only “Thrones” recaps that refer to Daenerys Targaryen as “Christina Aguilera” also represent an impressive production achievement.

Hairstylist extraordinaire Jonathan Van Ness recaps new episodes of Game of Thrones using his unique brand of panache, flair, and fabulousness.

Gay of Thrones,” which has been offering up its unique brand of commentary on the show since the third season of the HBO drama, has the simplest of origin stories: Writer/director Erin Gibson was getting her roots done by star Jonathan Van Ness, and they started talking about “Game of Thrones”. His irreverent recap of the most recent episode inspired her to pitch Funny or Die the concept of him explaining what happened every week.

“I was at Funny or Die then,” Gibson said to IndieWire, “and I went in and said, ‘We have to do this recap show with my stylist, because he’s talking about this in a way no one else will be talking about this.'”

The show’s ultimate format didn’t stray too far from its original inspiration. Each “Gay of Thrones” episode features a “client” — typically a well-known comedian, though the show has been able to bring in a wide array of talent over the years, including one or two actual “Thrones” cast members — getting his or her hair “done” while riffing with Van Ness about that week’s installment.

It’s all in service of skewering, without malice, the HBO fantasy drama, a show that is lucky enough to sport an obsessively dedicated fanbase as well as pop culture’s genuine fascination every Sunday night.


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