Running With Violet brought on Jessii Vee to star in the web series with the hopes of attracting her young, rabid fanbase.


Struggling hairdresser and single mother Jolene tries to convince lonely housewife Miranda to go with her on a girls weekend… with diapers. When Miranda finds herself in a violent confrontation with her slimy husband Blair, the girls weekend and possibility of escape suddenly seems like the very best plan.

“Running With Violet” is a darkly comedic 10 episode Digital Series about two women, a teenager and a toddler running from a small town meth ring. Think Thelma and Louise meets Fargo!

It’s a show about women, by women – for everyone.

When Rebecca Davey and Marie-Claire Marcotte set out to make their 10-part web-series Running With Violet they knew they’d need something — or perhaps someone — special for their show to get noticed online.


When developing the series, which Davey describes as “Thelma & Louise meets Fargo,” she said they knew they needed to attract a younger demographic and turned to YouTube for help.

After reaching out to several YouTube stars, they ultimately partnered with Jessii Vee (whose channel has nearly 750,000 subscribers and more than 117 million total views) who was interested in making her acting debut.

“Her audience is crazy keen,” Davey said. “Even us millennials and [those] a little bit older, we’re not as hungry [for content] the way the younger fans are hungry. I don’t think we would be at our views the way we are if we hadn’t gotten her.” Vee plays Frankie, Violet’s babysitter who ends up along for the ride.

After launching on February 13, the series has since racked up nearly 450,000 views and more than 18,000 subscribers — many of whom have commented that they were drawn to the series because of Vee, who has been promoting the series through her vlogs.

The filmmakers made the decision to first roll out four of the series’ 10 episodes, which are each between seven and nine minutes, to encourage “binge watching,” said Davey. They then released three more episodes on Feb. 20 and the final three today.

“We wanted to release in a batch so that we could promote the idea that you could binge on the series but still [stagger them] to create some anticipation,” said Davey. “If we had staggered it one [episode] a week we would’ve lost people. They would’ve forgotten [about the show] or trickled out so I think releasing in bigger batches has definitely helped us.”


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