Lesbian Couple Got Divorced to Please God, a Mormon Propaganda Video?


Mormons, like evangelical Christians, say they don’t hate gay people. They will gladly accept you if you’re gay… as long as you promise to never fall in love and/or have sex. Because gay relationships are forbidden under the religious rules. But those same churches are also well-known for pushing marriage (at a young age, no less).

So what do you do if you and your same-sex partner got married… but you both really want to join the Mormon Church (or rejoin, in one case)?

Apparently the answer is to get a divorce. Just like Heavenly Father wants.

Welcome Table Productions, a YouTube channel featuring mostly Mormon women, recently posted a testimonial with Courtney and Rachelle, women who met, fell in love, got married, missed Church, wanted to return to Church, but knew that they couldn’t do that while still in a relationship. So they split up to please their Mormon overlords.

Courtney grew up in a Mormon household and said that her sexuality had always caused her inner turmoil.

She explained: “I did everything I was supposed to do because I was hiding a secret, my lesbian orientation. It literally tore my soul to pieces growing up because I knew the church was true but I knew that a core piece of who I was was in direct opposition of my belief.
“Satan lived in this secret and the less I talked about it, Satan took up more space. For me, it was a life or death situation. Stay in the church and be depressed or leave and find some release.”

She decided to leave and while she was at University she met her partner, Rachelle.
Rachelle explained that she was from a much more liberal background.
“I really felt that organised religion was negative, it shut me off to the idea,” she said.
The couple tied the knot but Courtney explained that she felt pulled back to the church after her family finally accepted her five years after her relationship with Rachelle began.

On New Years Eve 2016 the couple decided to file for divorce because they felt it was how they could “please” God.

In the alleged propaganda video, Courtney cries as she reminisces on the plans they had before returning to the church.

“We know that our Heavenly Fathers plan for us is better than our own,” she said.

“The ideas that we had for our lives were so great and we gave those up because we know that our heavenly father’s plan is better.”

Rachelle added “I remember knowing in that moment [before her baptism] it all came together for me. The reason I met Courtney wasn’t for us to get married, it was for us to do that together and be introduced to Gospel,” Rachelle said.
Courtney added: “And I needed you to bring me back to the Lord.”

According to Mormon Hub: “Rachelle and Courtney, though a rare case, are not the only ones out there choosing to put Christ and the Gospel first. Becky and Bennett Borden, before they married each other in the temple, spent 20 years in same-sex relationships with other people. Both examples show us that the Atonement of Christ can heal all wounds and lighten all burdens.

KizzTV got God’s response to this breaking essential news:


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