American Horror Story: Cult Follows Lesbian Who Loses It When Trump Is Elected


After many months of speculation and anticipation, American Horror Story has finally dropped a new trailer for it’s forthcoming seventh season entitled Cult. This year, the anthology series will take on themes surrounding heresy, organized fanaticism, and (playing a key role in the new season’s storyline) the 2016 presidential election and domino effect of events.

Series alums, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are returning once again (with Sarah playing a lesbian character), along with newcomers Billie Lourd and Allison Pill to terrify us in a new The Purge meets The Wicker Man horror twist. And speaking of twists, AHS season 4 antagonist Twisty the Clown has returned, inspiring the cult for which the new season is titled.

With the promise of many sleepless nights ahead thanks again to Ryan Murphy’s brain child, we all can’t wait to delve into some good old fashioned thrill and terror.

Check out the opening credits, released earlier this week.


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