Anti-gay ‘child abuse’ poster shocks Australia


Horrific homophobic posters have appeared depicting two men holding rainbow-coloured nooses over a cowering child.

The hateful image was spotted in Heffernan Lane in the heart of Melbourne’s central business district on Saturday.

A photo of the poster provoked an outraged response on social media, even attracting the ire of opposition leader Bill Shorten.

The poster, titled ‘Stop the F*gs’, claims 92 per cent of children raised by gay parents suffer from abuse.

It says that 52 per cent are depressed and 72 per cent are obese.

The poster referenced a discredited 2016 study by Reverend Paul Sullins from the Catholic University of America.

Gay rights activist Rodney Croome said the Australian Institute for Family Studies found children raised by same-sex couples had the same outcomes as other children, contradicting claims made in the poster.


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