The Year We Thought About Love


What happens when a diverse group of LGBTQ youth dares to be “out” on stage to reveal their lives and their loves?

The Year We Thought About Love from Ellen Brodsky on Vimeo.

“The Year We Thought About Love” goes behind the scenes of one of the oldest queer youth theaters in America, with our camera crew slipping into classrooms, kitchens, subways, and rehearsal rooms with this fearless and endearing troupe. Boston-based True Colors: OUT Youth Theater transforms daily struggles into performance for social change. With wit, candor, and attitude, our cast of characters captivates audiences surprised to hear such stories in school settings. Our film introduces a transgender teenager kicked out of her house, a devout Christian challenging his church’s homophobia, and a girl who prefers to wear boys’ clothing even as she models dresses on the runway. When bombs explode outside their building, the troupe becomes even more determined to share their stories of love to help heal their city.

“Films such as The Year We Thought About Love will inspire new generations of LGBTQ allies and activists.”

“We found the discussion guide to be an excellent resource with the potential to harness the full power of the film for promoting a critical examination of the issues experienced by LGBTQ youth as they relate to the lives, experiences, and values of the viewer.”

“By following the narrative-performance processes, the filmmakers did not reduce the experiences of being urban LGBTQ adolescents to a sanitized academic discussion but rather captured the complex, intersectional identities of the troupe members, their challenges, and their sources of resilience.”


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