12 lesbian web series you should be watching


Summer is the perfect time to start a love affair with some excellent lesbian and bisexual-focused web series. There’s plenty of steamy romance, supernatural happenings and lesbian drama to choose from.

1. L.A Web Series
Love story between two young women who start as strangers and forge a lasting bond filled with past stories and future questions.

2.Carmilla- 3 Seasons

3. Gal Pal
Gal Pals is a new comedy about the interwoven lives of a group of wlw living in Los Angeles…created by wlw living in Los Angeles. It’s The L Word for the Broad City generation. It’s the LGBT version of Girls.

4.Anyone But Me
Anyone But Me is a multi-award winning, critically acclaimed drama about a new generation of gay, straight, and ethnically diverse teens struggling with identity and modern relationships.

5. Entangled with You
Created by Caryn K. Hayes, Entangled is a relationship dramedy following roommates Alisha (Kathryn Taylor Smith) and Jaliyah (Loren Lillian), who move in together after separating from their partners. Emotional and perky, Alisha takes a reluctant Jaliyah on her up-and-down grief tour, while the stoic and cool Jaliyah deals with her own loss.

6. The Chanticleer: 1950’s lesbian pulp series

A new webseries based out of Los Angeles OR DIE TRYING, is a series about women in film, by women in film. Like its creators, OR DIE TRYING is comprised of creative women living and working in Los Angeles, in varying aspects of the entertainment industry. They have set out to progress the narrative of women in film not only on-screen, but also through physical production by committing to hire a team that is no less than 85% female.

8.The Leslie
Leslie Clark just came out and is ready to do something she’s never done before: Date Women. Aided by her well-meaning, but exceedingly misguided straight friends, Leslie attempts to navigate this new dating landscape….One misadventure at a time.

9.As We Are
a 4-part LGBT+ web series about love, friendship, identity, and the complexities of attraction.

10. Last Life
This supernatural web-series is about the never-ending battle of good vs. evil and a pair of soul mates, who when reunited, only cause destruction.

11. Disengaged
On the eve of nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage, partners Jules and Sydney find themselves rushing into a hasty engagement, which both strengthens and tests their relationship.

12. Plans
The series follows Zia, a young med student who moves to Sydney’s Inner West, arguably one of the most inclusive locations in Australia. Here he is embraced by an eclectic group of housemates, each contending with organic and unique flaws. For young Zia, this unflinching exposure to sex, violence, alcohol and drug addiction, mental health issues, love, and heartbreak is an unfamiliar world; a shattering of innocence as we share his glimpse into seven lives and seven stories over seven days, of experiences that might hit us close to home.


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