12 Women In Videos We Found Today That Got Us Excited


So often the gender inequality in the entertainment media is subtle enough that it goes fairly unnoticed. We here at KizzTV put together a list of inspiring women in videos who are fearless, strong, fun, and independent.

Without further ado, let’s list the 12 greatest videos we found today that got us excited.

  1. Cate Blanchett will portray the hilarious Lucille Ball in an upcoming biopic

2. A 50-year-old housewife, Manana, struggles with a dilemma: she has to choose between her family life and a love for writing she has repressed for years. When she finally decides to follow her passion, she is ready to sacrifice everything for it, mentally and physically.
You can Watch It On Mubi here

3. This whole series is so fun and oddly relatable. Everything is Okay – In this darkly comic new digital series, a young woman navigates her way around New York. It can be hard when you’re looking at an Instagram that goes into the future, debating entering a portal into an alternate dimension, or battling your own roommates during an apocalypse.
Watch the full series here


4. Meet Milena Canonero, the woman behind the most iconic movie costumes of all time

5. This is the most common disease you’ve never seen. Watch the trailer for the revelatory new film, UNREST. In theaters 9.22, available worldwide starting 10.10

6. The untold story of Ferguson from the people who lived it.
Watch Whose Streets? in select theaters August 11. Visit Site

7. This one is for all who people who are free

8. Set to premiere this fall, the series aims to address the sexism women face in nerd culture.The series, which takes place in Los Angeles, looks at the issues women face in the male-dominated world of fantasy, gaming, and superheroes. It centers on two best geek friends, TJ & Barrett, as they pursue their passions in nerdom, alternating between a fantasy, comic book world and reality. Through quick wit and geek-filled references, we follow the girls through love and loss, career challenges and successes and the many challenges women face in a subculture too often focused on men and masculinity.

9. This powerful short film explores the impact of street harassment

10. A grandmother’s life in rural Niger changes when she enters a women’s savings group. Will her granddaughter take the next step out of poverty?
Women on the Move is a virtual reality project made with the humanitarian agency CARE and VR for Good by Oculus.
– Experience the full 3D 6-minute version on a VR headset

11. It’s time to say goodbye to Sarah, Cosima, Helena, Allison, and Rachel, as BBC America’s quietly groundbreaking sci-fi show Orphan Black will draw to a close this weekend after five seasons.

12. These Women Celebrate Their Bodies By Covering Themselves In Rainbow Glitter
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