12 Women In Videos We Found Today That Got Us Excited


Dove teamed up with “Scandal” screenwriter and producer Shonda Rhimes for a powerful short film that aims to help “redefine” female standards of beauty.

Released July 25, “Meet Kylee” tells the story of Kylee Howell, who owns and operates Friar Tuck’s Barbershop in Salt Lake City, Utah. Growing up, Howell aimed to fit in by wearing her hair long and dressing in traditionally feminine styles, but realized she wasn’t happy doing so.

Jane Campion’s Top of the Lake.
“Exchanging the nightmarishly tight-knit small town for a sprawling city changes the show’s aesthetic, shape and pacing, while still keeping the tightly wound, immensely engaging Robin at its center” writes Sophie Mayer in her review.

Animated short about a voyeur cat, a woman with excessive love for her plants, and a peculiar visitor in a fur hat. Based on the short story ‘Megbocsátás’ by Ádám Bodor.

Zazie Beetz looks so badass in Deadpool 2


Nicole Kidman: “I think someone said my career defies all logic. Because I choose the sort of strange little films, and somehow they’re the things that make my career.

Filmed over the course of a decade, the new documentary from director Sophie Fiennes (The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology) offers a stylish and unconventional look at the Jamaican-born model, singer, and New Wave icon.

The Betrayal
Mark and Nel’s marriage is on the rocks. While Mark’s insecurity escalates into violence, Nel is questioning her feelings for her best friend, Alice.

Irish short film written, directed and shot by a female-driven team, featuring music by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, Ryan Vail and Conor Walsh. Directed by Kamila Dydyna and Irish Film & TV Award-nominated Natasha Waugh.

Can’t wait to see Gillian HardG’s new film LANDLINE.

The community of Kingstown must fight for their lives when a masked killer begins targeting those close to the girl that once got away.

Directed by: Theresa Labreglio

MAKERS is a storytelling platform for the trailblazing women of today and tomorrow. #MAKERS

In celebration of Selena

With slow graceful movements and digitally generated messages, Plastic Girls make a conspicuous contribution to the sexualisation of public space in front of their owners premises.


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