Mexican Vegan Restaurant is Seeking to Create a Free of Machista (male chauvinist) Space


Punto Gozadera is a feminist cultural space & a vegetarian/vegan restaurant run by lesbians and women.

They ask for your support through this Kickstarter campaign so that they can continue to organize cultural activities with better infrastructure. Through discussions, workshops, plays, book presentations, parties and many more activities, they seek to create a “free of machista (male chauvinist) violence every day.”

“There wasn’t a space in this city for us as lesbians and feminists. So we thought to bring our happiness, politics, and rage together.  We promote lesbo-feminist, and trans-feminist activities. Above all Punto Gozadera responds to personal needs, coming from the ideas the person is political.”

“We believe that cultural spaces mixed with politics are great for creating social change. We will improve our gallery and workshops, and will also acquire new sound equipment. With these, we will be able to better organize our activities (AND those of other feminist groups of the largely LGBTTTIAPQ community that use the space). Events will be publicized on an accessible billboard. This will help our community to better organize and have a larger impact.”



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