200 Lesbian Films Reviewed by Comic Artist Natasha Alterici


Comic artist Natasha Alterici is known for her popular comics HEATHENthe story of a Viking girl Aydis, who after being banished from her village for kissing another girl, sets out on a mission to challenge the god king Odin

Now Natasha is embarking on an ambitious project – To review 200 lesbian films with the format she’s most familiar with; comics, And we just love it!

“A while back ago, I found myself alone at home staring at my copy of Darren Aronofsky’s 2010 sexy thriller, Black Swan. Having seen it several times that week already, I thought to myself – There must be other lez movies out there.” Alterici explains in her Patreon page.

“I wasn’t sure where to start. I would search ‘Lesbian Movies’ which inevitably resulted in a lot of sexual content. When I found actual movies it was just the same few listed over, often called BEST LESBIAN FILMS EVER!”

“Since I couldn’t rely on the copy pasted lists of others, I decided that the only solution was to seek out every film ever made that featured lesbians. To date I found 200 films

“That’s the pwoer of art for marginalized people and it’s why I’m so passionate to help others find these films.”

Join Natasha’s “Lez Film Review” and discover the often bizarre, but nevertheless fun world of lez film.

Check out Natasha Alterici HEATHEN volume 5 on this exclusive spotlight from A.B club.

Read the full comics on A.V club





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