Misty Copeland Tackles Body Positivity In A New Ad


It might seem strange that the Women’s Marches that were held across the globe on January 21, and boasted a total count of nearly five million attendees advocating for, among other things, women’s rights could have anything to do with the marketing strategy of an athletic wear company.

But for Under Armour, the marches served as a galvanizing reason for them to take a radically different approach to their newest global women’s campaign, “Unlike Any,” its newest global marketing campaign. Through collaboration with spoken word artists, the campaign celebrates and honors the unprecedented achievements of female athletes that rise above gender comparisons and stand on their own as marvels of athletic prowess.

Unlike Any shines a light on the remarkable talents of six Under Armour athletes including American Ballet Theatre principal ballerina Misty Copeland, long distance runner and Harlem Run Crew founder Alison Désir, world champion sprinter Natasha Hastings, and two of the brand’s newest athletes; professional stuntwoman Jessie Graff, and Chinese taekwondo champion and actress Zoe Zhang (Lanxin Zhang).

Misty Copeland isn’t just a buzzy name anymore, she’s an icon. In 2015, Copeland made history as the first African-American dancer to be promoted to principal in American Ballet Theatre’s 75-year history. She’s also the first and only ballet dancer to be recognized as an Under Armour athlete. Copeland has used her platform to be outspoken about body image and acceptance in her profession. To many people, her success is a sign that the ballet world is finally becoming more welcoming of diversity.

“I believe in the power of inner strength and how it can push you to accomplish the seemingly impossible. This campaign is a celebration of the inner strength that lives in every single person.  It’s a reminder for every woman out there who feels less than because of unnecessary comparisons, that they are strong, unique and truly Unlike Any,” said Copeland.


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