The story of a senior Latina lesbian couple is told in this PBS new short film.


Amigas with Benefits is a short dramedy about an elderly bride-to-be, Lupita. She is finally living her truth and is on the verge of marrying her love, Ramona. But on their special day, an uninvited guest rudely disrupts the ceremony. It takes moral courage and a far-fetched plan for the couple to find a way back to their freedom to be happy.

We are very happy to announce that the new short, an LGBTQ story with an unexpected twist, is part of the 2017 PBS Online Film Festival and now available for online streaming here:

Adelina Anthony (writer-director-producer) of Amigas with Benefits is an award winning two-spirit Xicana lesbian multi-genre artist whose career spans over 20 years. She transitioned into filmmaking in 2012, when along with her wife, Marisa Becerra, she co-founded AdeRisa Productions. Their first short film, “Forgiving Heart,” premiered at the 2013 Outfest Fusion Gala. That year Adelina participated in Film Independent’s Project Involve, and penned, “You’re Dead to Me”; it became an award-winning short film (2014 Imagen Award). In 2014 she participated in the Sundance Intensive Writers Workshop and directed her first feature, “Bruising for Besos,” which world-premiered last year at Frameline. Last year she was also invited to write another short film for Project Involve and delivered, Get the Life, which is currently finding much success on the festival circuit.

More from AdeRisa Productions:

Producer and Director Adelina Anthony spoke with PBS about why she chose to tell her story from this point of view, read the full Q & A.


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