Brazilian director Anna Muylaertt: “This is the century of women, only they will bring world peace”


Brazilian director Anna Muylaertt arrived in Jerusalem to scout the city for production, and the visit convinced her that only women would solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Along with the premiere screening of films that have already been completed, a number of future projects were revealed this week at the Jerusalem Film Festival. The most intriguing of them is “The Quarters”, an anthology movie composed of four short films about the Old City of Jerusalem. Each of them will deal with another section of Jerusalem, each directed by a filmmaker with an international name: Todd Solondz, Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Arsinée Khanjian, and Anna Muylaert

All four came to the capital to expose the project as part of the festival, and also to tour the relevant cinematic scenes. As far as Muylaertt was concerned, it was a fateful impression. “I already had a draft of a script, but now I realized that I had to change it completely,” says the Brazilian director in an interview with Walla! culture. “I’ll go home and start rewriting it.”

Muylaertt’s previous film, “The Second Mother,” won international acclaim. As its name implies, the film revolves around the relationship between mother and daughter, and these are the characters who will be at the center of her Jerusalem film.

“It’s important for me today to make films about women,” she says.

“In the past, the gender questions did not interest me so much, and at the center of my first film,”Durval Discos” “stood a man, but then I made my second film, and it was precisely because of its success that I first realized how humiliating and depressing women are, especially when they succeed. I understood that there was a crystal ceiling above us, as they say in Spanish, and we must do everything possible to crack it more and more.

“The dry figures say that 17 percent of the films were directed by women, but I always say – let’s look beyond that number, what budgets were there for the movies they staged, what is the real slice of the pie they received? The big budget usually goes to men, and even if in the cinema we talk about 17 percent, only seven percent of the Brazilian parliamentarians are women, and that’s a joke, even in Saudi Arabia.”

“However, there is no doubt that things are beginning to change here and elsewhere, and I think that this century will be the women’s century … You know, during my tour I saw a joint activity of Jewish and Arab children, and there was a clear majority of the women in the group. History, men are used to war, but women are not, only women will bring peace.



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