Indian Web Series “The Other Love Story” Gives Queer Women A Happy Ending


Filmmaker Roopa Rao’s debut web series The Other Love Story is an innocent love story between two women, Aachal and Aadya. set in the 90’s era in India.

Despite the various difficulties the crew faced through production, such as potential actors dropping out after their families objected to them acting in the film, Roopa turned to crowdfunding to help bring this original and realistic story to life, in 2016 the web series was leading nominations at the NYC Web Fest, with six nominations.

Roopa Rao’s win as Best Director at the 2016 NYC Web Fest, and the success of the series overall shows that queer love stories like these, especially from marginalized communities, can succeed.

Watch the series on demand here


  1. Actually you can’t watch all the episodes on youtube. The first one is the only one you can watch. They want you to pay to watch the rest of the series. Just FYI.

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