Top 5 New Lesbian Shorts That Got Us Excited

Photo: Lily, With Clara Harte and Leah Mc Namara.

Here are our weekly top 5 shorts that got us Kizz staff all excited.

  1. Lily

Lily, a girl with a secret on the cusp of becoming a young woman, is faced with the greatest challenge of her young life.

2. Last Night Was A Mistake

Best friends, Alexa and Maya wanted stress free trip to Vegas away from their significant others. But when the ladies get too drunk and find themselves in a wedding chapel, they’ve got to face the feelings. In a short told completely backwards, the two prove that what happens in Vegas has lasting consequences.

3. Fuck You Jessica Blair

Two girls try to find themselves, but end up getting more lost. Two guys try to make the most of their last day before one of them turns thirty.
They all get stranded together in the middle of nowhere and wander their way through questions of life, chewing gum, sexual identity, and themselves.

4. My Gay Sister

Since her older sister began dating another girl, there are new, strange feelings and questions stirring inside of ten-year-old Cleo.

5. Eatg X

Watch Trailer Here

Two women find themselves stuck together in a department store elevator. They deal with this stressful situation in an original way.


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