Bound – Short LGBT Film


Some people are drawn into our lives to teach us our true capacity, when is the right time to let them go? Bound is a short film that shows the connections we make are infinite and ours souls will forever be intertwined. We can’t choose who we’ll fall in love with tomorrow.

Bound draws the charm sometimes contained in missed opportunities. By following the hesitations of a girl obsessed with her young substitute professor of cinematography. Which she naturally doesn’t dare to approach. Lindsay Walker leads us into an unconscious relationship. Slowly flourishing between two reserved souls unable to merge their romantic aspirations. Since they can’t find the courage to genuinely talk to each other. Either by timidity or misunderstanding. None of them really manage to offer an explicit sign of interest. And what should have been a simple infatuation will turn into none.

The aesthetics of Bound is a wonderful introduction to the author’s spirituality. The filmmakers managed to exhume love where a non-event took place. I found the movie very interesting to watch and more realistic than the common representations of a prohibited relationship between a teacher and his student.


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