A modern man


We’re delighted to host Eva Mulvad’s documentary “A Modern Man”

Charlie Siem has everything: a career as a classical violinist with sold-out concerts around the world and golden offers from leading fashion houses pursuing him as a model for their international campaigns. On the surface it looks like the perfect life. But behind his photogenic appearance, we meet a man who is trying to navigate his many options. What is the definition of a good career? How do you become the best version of yourself? And how do you create a life that meets both the outside world’s expectations as well as your own high conceptions of happiness and success? For Charlie, this is not easy. The demands are high when every detail counts and only perfection is good enough.The film is a portrait of a typical 21st century man. An existential journey into a world of expectations and choices. A story about us – the free and wealthy – who seem to have it all but are always on the hunt for more.

Eva won the prestigious, Danish ”Roos Award ” granted for her entire body of work. Mulvad graduated from the Danish Film School in 2001 and by 2006 she had her international break-through with Enemies of Happiness, which focused on the female politician Malalai Joya’s political campaign ahead of the first democratic elections in Afghanistan 2005. The film won the Silver Wolf Award at IDFA and subsequently the World Cinema Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

With her intrinsic flair for drama and with many international awards in the baggage, Eva Mulvad is one of the most prominent Danish film-makers. Most recently Mulvad spent three years working on family-chronicle entitled The Good Life (2010). The film was shown at IDFA and went on to win the award for Best Documentary at Kalovy Vary International Film Festival.




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