First episode for a new Australian webseries sure to shake up the way queer stories are told


How many times have you wished queer stories existed in a world free from homophobia? PLANS is set to give us just that, and not in some fantasy world, either.

Watch The First Episode

Plans follows Zia, a young med student who moves to Sydney’s Inner West, arguably one of the most inclusive locations in Australia. Here he is embraced by an eclectic group of housemates, each contending with organic and unique flaws. For young Zia, this unflinching exposure to sex, violence, alcohol and drug addiction, mental health issues, love, and heartbreak is an unfamiliar world; a shattering of innocence as we share his glimpse into seven lives and seven stories over seven days, of experiences that might hit us close to home.

“It’s rare to find representations of queer relationships that delve deeply into the complexities between the individuals rather than focusing on the pressure of homophobia or falling into common stereotypes,” said creator, queer filmmaker Diana Popovska. “Queer people deserve to see themselves on screen in nuanced and diverse ways and I am proud to say that our series offers that opportunity.”

“PLANS has the overall vibe of an Australian summer; the feeling that anything is possible, that the day is there to be filled with good times and good people. It also has a very Australian sense of humor,” said producer, Luke Wood.

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