The emoji Facebook says it won’t create


FIRST there was just the thumbs up, then the heart and now a whole range of emotive reactions are available to express your like, love or displeasure at any given Facebook post.

But the social media giant is refusing to give into pressure to include a ‘cross’ reaction on posts.

Some church groups have said a Christian emoji should be introduced in the wake of Facebook introducing a temporary rainbow flag button.

The rainbow flag has been a symbol of the gay and lesbian community since the 1970s.

The company created the rainbow flag button for people to use during the Pride month of June when, particularly in the US, LGBTI celebrations take place.

Facebook said they created the reaction to “celebrate love and diversity” but added the company was “a platform that supports all communities.”

But a Christian evangelist has gone hot under the collar about the flag emoji and has demanded that Christians have their own symbol.

A Facebook user called Hikmat Hanna shared an image to his followers that pondered why the crucifix is absent as an option.

The logic appeared to be that sexuality and Christianity were somehow either cut from the same cloth or absolutely opposing one another. So, if the rainbow flag was allowed, naturally a crucifix should too. It ignored the fact some gay people are also Christian.

The post did not call for reaction buttons for any other religions – just the cross.

US evangelist, Joshua Feuerstein, then re-posted the image to his 2.2 million followers.By Tuesday afternoon, the post calling for a cross emoji had been re-posted almost 10,000 times.Feuerstein is a controversial figure who uses YouTube to disseminate his religious views.

He is a critic of same sex marriage, abortion and even Starbucks coffee cups.

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