Split – Web Series Sneak Peek


Split is a dramatic/comedic web series about two possible paths that one life might take. Helmed by an all-female team & crew, Split explores the balance between destiny and choice and raises the question: what parts of our future are malleable and what parts are inevitable?

“In my own life, I’ve often wondered about how things may have gone if I’d taken another path or made a different choice. Split allows the viewer to explore that nagging “what if”: what if I reacted differently or made a different decision? How would my life be altered and in what ways would it be the same? What parts of my future are malleable and what parts are inevitable?”

– Yael Shavitt, Writer/Creator

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“As a creative team of four women filmmakers, we’re very proud to have an all-female on-set crew. We think it’s vital to conveying this narrative, which has a female protagonist at its heart. Out of the five main characters in the show, three are women and three are LGBTQ. It’s important to us to make this project now because most of the stories we consume are being told by a small slice of society. Which means we’re not hearing everybody’s stories. We’re excited to be creating a show with a protagonist who is LGBTQ but that’s not the most interesting thing about her. It’s not even a subject of conversation. It’s just one part of who she is.”


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