Some Girls Need Your Support


‘Some Girls’ follows Mina, a teenage girl, who is swept up in the excitement of rebellious new friendships. We follow her as she explores her desires, fears and struggles to come to terms with her sexuality and her own identity.

Some Girls is a coming of age LGBT story shot in London. In her thesis film for the London Film School, Australian filmmaker Cait Lyn Adamson and an exceptional core crew of female filmmakers and actresses aim to bring this tale to life with your help.

Some Girls is the third short film by writer & director Cait Lyn Adamson. It’s a coming of age story about the experiences of being an LGBT youth, the vulnerable age of being a teenager and trying to understand your desires and identity amongst the intoxication of friendships and the excitement of belonging.

The film follows the main protagonist, Mina, as she navigates her way through new excitements and awakenings. It’s a coming of age story with a different twist – exploring the psychological, claustrophobic and a misguided and darker view of sexual desire and disappointments.

For us the story is a narrative and point of view of female experiences that isn’t necessarily shown enough on screen – the pressures, the crisis of identity, the confusion of experiences and how this effects and hurts us are all elements that Cait Lyn is exploring through in this short film – her thesis graduation project for her MA degree at The London Film School.

It’s an important story to be told and an important narrative that we want accessible for audiences. It’s a story that is relatable to everyone and their experiences in a way – trying to understand themselves, the world around them, and the decisions they make that help or hinder the relationship you have with yourself. Loneliness, longing and an idea we have of love.

For the director, the story is a personal one, inspired by her own experiences of growing up and coming to terms with her own sexuality.

Why They Need Your Help:

Some Girls is currently in Post Production and we’re looking for your support to help us complete the last part of the process! Filmmaking is expensive, but we want to deliver to you, the audience and our collaborators the best quality possible for the end product of the film.

Your support would help us complete our editing process, a professional colour grade, sound mix, working with a composer and music rights for the final film. As well as this we are hoping to send the film to international and recognised festivals so it can be seen by even more audiences!


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