#WomenDirect – This Is You And Me


April Maxey is a San Antonio, Texas native who graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY with a BFA in Film/Video. Her writing & directing credits include three short films, Girl Scouting, Polaroid Girl, and This Is You And Me, which have collectively screened at 45 festivals and won 6 awards. The screenplay for This Is You And Me, which she co-wrote with Summer Czajak, was 1 of 9 projects in the Berlinale Talents Short Film Station in 2015

This Is You And Me follows Marie the night she meets Susie in Auburn, NY. Sensing each other’s urge for a night of recklessness and spontaneity, the two immediately hit it off. They share a strong connection, but the night takes a turn when Marie triggers an unexpected reaction within Susie.

Filmmaker April Maxey: “Although it is ultimately a love story, it is not overly romanticized or idealized. We don’t think they are magically going to have a perfect relationship at the end. Instead the film explores this moment that, at this point in time in the characters lives, they both needed.”

“Our story has a lesbian protagonist! But it is NOT a story about her overcoming challenges of her sexual orientation or identity. It is just an interesting story! With two complex female characters!”

“The story is written and directed from a queer female perspective. We love it when stories of lesbians are told by actual lesbians! Also many of our queer and straight female friends are helping out on the project! Yay to more women in film!”

Polaroid Girl

A timid young photographer is inspired to take on life with a new attitude after she forms a connection with an eclectic chick who runs a vintage camera shop…and she kicks some ass and takes some names along the way!

Polaroid Girl premiered at Frameline 35 in San Francisco, and since then has screened at many other LGBT fests. This film is being made on an ultra-low budget, and everyone working on it.

“The film not only represents a distinctly female perspective but also a distinct lesbian and feminist perspective that we feel is often underrepresented. It explores art and photography through that perspective, and it features some awesome photography by Sarah Gordan who is a big inspiration to the short as well.


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