Bringing “Polaroid Song” back to light, a short film


Eighteen year-old Lise is the official photographer of punk rock girl band Periodink. Her muses’ names are Flory, Ivy and Lauriane. At the onset of their first important concert that will expose these three young women to the masculine world of rock music, Lise follows her impulses, both professional and sentimental, and become an adult.

Polaroid Song tells the story of Lise Nadar (Audrey Giacomini), a 18 year old girl living in France during the twilight of USSR and Gulf War’s end. Despite her young age, Lise already has two years of experience as a photographer. Strongly influenced by the work of Bettina Rheims and Patti Smith, she aspires to live like an artist and keeps a diary. The film begins in a recording room where Lise must honor a routine contract by immortalizing a group of three friends that created a new rock band called Periodink. Their first concert will give her a formidable opportunity to come of age.

Running time: 19 minutes
Directed and Written by Alphonse & Yann
With Audrey Giacomini, Nolwenn Auguste, Deila Kat Vogur, Hélène Sargue, Dominique Bettenfeld, Edouard Audouin, Bruno Sanches
Coproducer: France Télévisions
With the help of the department of Vienne and the Poitou-Charentes region

Festival Selections:
• Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Melbourne
• North by NorthEast Music & Film Festival, Toronto
• International LGBT Cinema Festival, Montreal
• Inside Out LGBT Film Festival, Toronto
• Salon Internacional de la Luz, Bogota
• Premières Marches Film Festival, Troyes
• Etang d’Arts Music & Film Festival, Marseille
• Partie(s) de Campagne Film Festival, Ouroux-en-Morvan
• L’écran s’écrit Film Festival, Allevard
• Off-Courts Festival, Trouville
• European Short Film Festival, Brest
• ECU European Independent Film Festival, Paris
• Festival de Films Courts en Betton, Betton
• Désirs Désirs Festival, Tours
• Chéries-Chéris International LGBT Film Festival, Paris
• Film Music Composers Festival, Paris
• Interfilm Festival, Berlin
• Regensburg Short Film Week, Regensburg
• Gaze International LGBT Film Festival, Dublin
• TLV International LGBT Film Festival, Tel Aviv
• Mix Milano Film Festival, Milan
• Roze Filmdagen Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Amsterdam
• DIY Film Festival, Warsaw
• Queer Lisboa, Lisbon
• International Queer Film Festival, Kiev
• Towson University Queer Film Festival, Baltimore
• SouthSide Film Festival, Bethlehem
• Philadelphia QFest, Philadelphia
• Birmingham Shout, Birmingham
• HHM Music & Film Festival, Bay City



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