“As Good As You” Examines the Casualties of Grief


Laura Heisler leads an outstanding cast in this poignant and witty film about a bereaved woman searching for meaning and purpose in the aftermath of her wife’s death. Jo (Heisler) enlists her brother-in-law Jamie (Bryan Dechart) as a sperm donor in an effort to salvage her dream of raising a family. Along the way she leans a bit too heavily on her two best friends, a punk photographer named Lisa (Anna Fitzwater) and a straight male barfly named Nate (Raoul Bhaneja). The film also features Peter Maloney, Karis Campbell, Elizabeth Herring, and Annie Potts.

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Imagine closing your eyes and spinning as fast as you can around and around, then trying to leave the room you were standing in. Inevitably, you’ll crash into everything around you as you stumble completely off balance towards the door. That’s what “As Good As You” is about: crashing into everything as you try (and largely fail) to move forward in the wake of tragedy.

Jo’s wife Amanda died months ago, but she can’t cope with the loss. Instead, she begs Amanda’s brother Jamie to act as a sperm donor in a futile attempt to hold onto her wife’s memory, then wrecks her relationship with her closest friends as she engages in a cascading sequence of bad life choices.
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