Couple-ish – Season 2 released!


Couple-ish is a Canadian LGBT web series created by Kaitlyn Alexander, who also stars alongside Mercedes Morris and Sharon Belle.

The series begins with Dee Warson stressing out over their apartment rent they cannot afford alone, having just lost the person who was helping with bills. Their sister, Amy Warson, suggests they get a roommate and after a little convincing, they interview several candidates. One being Rachel Mannt, an English woman who moved to Canada to attend university, who seems to meet the criteria they’re looking for.

Eight months later, it comes to light that Rachel’s visa will expire soon and in a desperate attempt to remain in the country, has told the Canadian government that her and Dee are in a common law partnership. The series follows the two hosting a web show that flaunts their relationship so that when investigated, their relationship seems legitimate.

Season one is made up of 22 episodes, Watch it here:

The series was made possible by the support of nearly 800 backers through the series’ Kickstarter campaign.

Season two raised $47,058 USD by 1143 backers and premiered a few weeks ago with 7 new episodes so far.




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