Wife Tag


YouTubers Angelis & Nina just launched “Wife Tag”

“We were excited to get back to basics and more intimate with you guys to do a 2 part Wife Tag video!”

Nina Goes first In this video firing questions at Angelis and you’ll have to watch to see how well she does.

Angelis and Nina fell in love instantly! Even without fully understanding each other. Two women from two very different cultures now bound by love, passion, respect and the will to build an amazing life together.

Angelis is a Brazilian reality tv star. She was on a show that was similar to the Big Brother and was the winner and won the prize of R$ 1,000,000 million.
Angelis also came out not only to the public but to her family while on the tv show! She was the first lesbian in Brazil to have a relationship on Brazilian tv.
Angelis moved to America in February of 2015 without speaking one word in English and 2 weeks after arriving in NYC she met Nina 🙂

Nina is British and was born and bred in London, U.K.
She moved to NYC in 2001 while on vacation with her father and never took the flight back. Nina works full time as a Real Estate Agent and works with International and local clients. Her business is currently based between and NYC and Los Angeles.


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