Viral Short Of The Week: Female


We’re in love with this film, and . Go watch it and support her!

Watch It Here:

The film received over 25,000 views in 3 days! Check out some the comments:

“Why was this the best thing I’ve seen in a long time and why are you so talented ugh ❤️❤️❤️❤️ this was amazing!!!!”

“I don’t know why but this is the second time I am seeing it and I just cried my eyes out”

“I hate how some people treat the lgbtq+ community. I mean seriously, it’s not like they’re going around killing people!”

“Ouch :(Bittersweet feelings of remembering how harsh it can be feeling so guarded and once u let that guard down n fall for the perfect girl she dates the perfect douchebag. (No offense guys lol) but It made me remember being a freshmen in high school and someone saying.u two obviously like each other what r u waiting for.and my biggest.crush kissing me and all those intense feelings i was denying were rushing and in my head saying uh oh first butterflies in the same my start of the worst heartbreak too when my friend mike asks her to prom so I was the bitter one popp in balloons lol jk i wouldn’t do that especially because she said yeah n little did I know It wud never be serious bcuz of her religion n bcuz she was afraid her family wud find out so I pushed away n Highschool sucked but after that kiss, every girl in the closet was writing me.letters asking me if.i was single so no hard feelings I made a lot of friends lol and met my beautiful fiance.”


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