Lesbians throughout time

Image: Stock Unlimited

Lesbian Collabs just released this very cool video using the timeline of different lesbian moments in shows, all the way to Clarke and Lexa 97years into the future.

Check it out:

“Super big thanks to my amazing wife for this beautiful idea and big thanks to everyone that helped make this possible. Also thank you to myself for filling in (like always) and making way to many parts, lol. I can’t even describe how much I LOVE the result! This video is epic.”

All Movies/Series (in order):
The girl King, Legends of Tomorrow, Farewell my Queen, Fingersmith, Deadwood, Fried Green Tomatoes, The Color Purple, Carol, Call the Midwife, GIA, Pride, Black Mirror, Friends, Freeheld, Glee, Pretty little liars, How to get away with murder, Faking it, Sense 8, Supergirl, The 100


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