The Two Of Us


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If the recent success of ‘Moonlight’ proved anything, it is that LGBT stories deserve to be told and shared, bringing into focus the challenges the community still faces in a world where political threats and bigotry remain wide-spread. This short film examines the consequences the fear of coming out can have on a relationship driven by the desire to love openly and without restraints.

Amanda (Zoey Moses) and Sophia (Marlies Bell) have been consummating their love in an isolated cabin in the desert for quite some time, but Sophia’s desire to announce their relationship to the world and Amanda’s fear of coming out has left them at a crossroads.

This LGBTQ drama explores the deep-rooted conflict many people face when deciding whether to come out and be true to themselves and their feelings.

By supporting “The Two of Us,” you not only support the art of independent filmmaking as a unique way to make a statement, but you also support the growing LGBTQ community in its continuing fight for equality.

We have made it our mission to tell compelling stories like this one after the overwhelming feedback we received on some of our past projects, with audiences expressing their desire to see more of these impactful stories come to life.

The impact
We believe human beings should not live in fear because their sexual orientation may not correspond to archaic traditions or any principles set by any religion or conservative thinking. Art has become a powerful way to show resistance and support progressive movements, and that’s part of the reason we chose to make a statement by telling this powerful story.

By contributing to this project, you not only help us get our message out, but you also directly support the LGBTQ community, as some of our contribution packages include an automatic donation to the Los Angeles LGBT Center.


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