Inconceivable: LGBTQ web-series that deals with identity, pregnancy, bisexuality and more


Inconceivable, the show follows Rita, a 24 year-old lesbian who’s been knocked up by a guy she had a fling with. Sound incongruous? Rita’s unexpected sexual fluidity has not triggered a crisis of identity for her so far in the series, though it has caused some confusion for others.

Joel Ashton McCarthy and fellow series writer Rachel Kirkpatrick are proof that life imitates art, or in their case art imitates life. This is because Inconceivable is a somewhat autobiographical retelling of a time in which McCarthy, a straight man, and Kirkpatrick, a lesbian woman, became pregnant and decided to keep and raise their child together.

Inconceivable has a six-episode first season, and the producers are currently seeking funding for a second season. New episodes are being released every Wednesday on This Is a Spoon Studio‘s YouTube channel.

Written by Joel Ashton McCarthy, Rachel Kirkpatrick and Mike Doaga; directed by Joel Ashton McCarthy; starring Katie Stuart, Bruce Novakowki, Shawn Richard, Chantelle Naude, Mike Doaga, and Justine Warrington.

Favorite quotes:

Rita: You know how some straight girls ‘experiment’ with other girls in college? Well, you could say Adam was my lesbian version of that.

Rita: I don’t usually hook up with dudes, ever.
Adam: Wait, what? So you’re bi, then?
Rita: No. I identify as lesbian.
Adam: But we did have sex though, right?
Rita: How ‘bout, you know, you just identify you and I’ll identify me?

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