Highly anticipated LGBTQ drama web series Spectrum London released


Hailing from the vibrant, bustling, and gritty streets of London, this web series gives us a rare and intimate glimpse into the daily trials and tribulations of those living under the LGBTQ umbrella. Following the lives, loves, and lusts of its diverse cast, Spectrum London will take you on a thrilling and often heartbreaking rollercoaster ride, the likes of which we’ve rarely seen.

Spectrum is an award winning web series. The series is unique due to its diversity and inclusion in ethnicity and gender, three trans actors lead the ensemble cast.

The series focuses on issues faced by diverse members of the LGBT Spectrum, exploring various aspects of life under the queer rainbow.

Created and produced by Monica Y. Dee of rKive Productions, this brand new web series embraces Queer Black, Asian and White culture, but how did it come about and what makes it such a unique offering?

Inspired by some experiences of award-winning trans lobbier and Spectrum London writer, Jake Graf, the story follows James Roche a trans guy who must make sense of his life from his new perspective as he moves to London. His new job connects him with other LGBT characters whose lives become intertwined.

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As the first trans man to grace the cover of celebrated gay lifestyle magazine, QX, the Huffington Post interviewed Jake in September 2015 In the article he spoke openly about the difficulties associated with transitioning and the lack of acceptance he experienced.

Perhaps surprisingly, he remarked that even a few individuals in the gay community were less than tolerant. In his former all-female social group, Jake maintained that his transition ‘was not taken well at all. It was almost like I was becoming a traitor.’ By speaking out about a lack of support from even some of his own close friends for his gender choice, Jake wanted to show just how difficult it is for trans men and women to gain acceptance

Spectrum London embraces trans-inclusive themes and features predominantly trans, gay, bi-sexual and BAME (Black, Asian, Minority) characters. However, it’s worth noting that the plot lines focus not on the characters’ sexuality, or chosen genders, but rather their everyday hurdles, struggles and love lives.

Above all else it’s eminently watchable with heart wrenching moments, capable of producing real emotion in the audience, regardless of your sexual persuasion or lifestyle choices. There is also a strong lesbian story line with an Indian actress representing the Asian community where we hardly see such on screen taking one of the main roles.

Her partner, a woman who is biologically unconnected to their kids, memorably vents her frustration at her partner’s lack of understanding of the importance of naming both mothers on the legal paperwork; and fights for her rights, a very relatable experience. What else? One young woman discovers she is pregnant with the wrong man, while a would-be criminal runs from a crime scene, regardless of the consequences but is he really a criminal?

Another character must deal with the effects of her sister’s prejudice against her sexuality and her father dodges a Mafia gang at all costs. There are affairs, family tensions and mind games a plenty. What’s more, these powerful storylines are supported by a stellar cast and crew.

Series creator and producer Monica Y. Dee is also the founder of UK Web Fest and an award winning African filmmaker. Monica says, “I had an idea of creating a web series of this magnitude since 2012, these stories need to be told, it has been worth the wait and I am truly grateful for everyone’s support in this project.”

The current director is award winning Queer Black filmmaker Campbell X, who made noises with their feature film ‘Stud Life’ in 2011 and who is currently the Director of the widely publicised web series ‘Different for Girls.’ John Maguire of Third Revolution Media stunningly captures the Cinematography with the help of 1st AC Richard White. The cast might be recognised for appearances in TV, presenting & film (Mzz Kimberley, Naechane Valentine, Jake Graf, Adam Templar, Heidi Carmichael, Sade Giliberti, Katriona Brown, Toyah Frantzen, Gurkiran Kaur and even on the catwalks.

Elliott Sailors is an androgynous female model, which models menswear and has calved her own way and now recognisable look. Despite not having a trans background herself, the media frenzy over her unique gender position in the fashion world has opened a dialogue about her identity within the LGBT Community.

Spectrum London is unlike any other web series in that it actively casts and depicts the lives of so many different colors and flavors of the Queer rainbow, without compromising on plot to hammer home a didactic message. That’s why you won’t find any dead lesbians here; there are enough of them in mainstream dramas (really!) The Creator behind this series also has no desire to impact on younger viewers struggling with their identities.

Why provide a subliminal message about lesbians always having to playing the victim, when it’s completely unnecessary.

Showcasing up and coming talent, including award winning writer and actor Jake Graf, Naechane Valentino(Stud Life), award winning trans cabaret star Mzz.Kimberley (Killer Tongue, Preaching to the Perverted, Eastenders, Stud Life), Heidi Carmichael, Sade Giliberti, Gurkiran Kaur, Katriona Brown, Adam Templar & Elliott Sailors.

Spectrum London is produced by rKive Productions. Episode 1 is directed by Tim Porter and EP 2-9 is Directed by Campbell X.

The series was stylishly shot by Jonathan Maguire with additional scenes shot bt Richard White.

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