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“Alone with People” is a short film adapted from Quinn Marcus’ one woman show, “Chasing Ballerinas”. The film follows Andie, a high-school girl growing up gay in Georgia. Andie handles being a lesbian in the south the only way she can: secretly being in love with all of her sister’s friends, having a boyfriend so no one suspects her of being gay, and watching the L Word on volume 3. She’s not ready to talk about it with her family and friends, who she worries would disown her if they found out. Too afraid to confide in anyone she knows, Andie finds comfort in a therapist who helps her to realize that she has to first accept herself before she can expect anyone else to.

Quinn Marcus is known to many for her role on MTV’s comedy series Girl Code, but don’t miss her new short film, titled Alone With People. Focusing on the story of Andy, a teenage girl in the South who comes out to her family with the help of a therapist, Alone With People is funny, touching, and insightful, featuring a knockout performance from its lead.

Having already garnered numerous awards from film festivals, including OutFest and NewFest, it’s now available for viewing on Vimeo. Check it out below:

Drew Van Steenbergen, “Despite her character growing up gay in Georgia and me growing up straight in Connecticut, I relate to her self-doubt and anxieties. We all experience feelings of loneliness and feeling isolated within ourselves at certain points in our lives. We struggle to discover who we are and whether we fit in with a group of friends or even within our own family. It is through these struggles that we discover the type of person we are going to be.”

I never had to deal with something as difficult as coming out to my family and friends, but I know what it’s like to feel different and wondering if those around me would accept me for who I really am if I would show my true colors. Of course, the hope is that they would not only be fine with my unvarnished personality, but that they would actually embrace it, strengthening my own perception of myself without always worrying about what other people might think. Alone With People’s Andie is lucky enough to have parents and a sister who support her, even if they don’t always know what to exactly make of the situation. They try their best to make her feel comfortable, but due to no fault of their own, they can’t always fully understand how Andie must feel. The strong bond to her psychiatrist shows how much Andie needs someone who listens without judgment. To find another person who completely gets you for who you truly are and to make an honest emotional connection is very rare, and the feeling of being alone or lonely can occur no matter how many people are around you.

Based on her own experience growing up gay in the South, Quinn Marcus, a cast member of MTV’s Girl Code and the host of mtvU’s Quinnterviews, subsequently developed her very personal one-woman show with friend and director Drew Van Steenbergen. Together, they transformed it into this 25-minute short after the filmmaker saw a performance of Chasing Ballerinas and was blown away by the “balance of laugh-out-loud humor, truth and heart showcased through her sheer candor of coming out to her family.”

Completed with the support of a successful 30-day Kickstarter camapaign raising over $15,000 and shot on a combination of an ARRI ALEXA and Blackmagic, filming took place over the course of nine days on location in and around Marietta, GA (the same town where writer/star Quinn Marcus grew up). Currently Drew is serving as associate producer on production company REVEAL 42’s animated feature length film Henry & Me, starring Richard Gere and the New York Yankees

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