Lesbian Web Series “RED” Released Season 3


RED is the first lesbian-themed web series in Brazil and it tells us the story of Mel Béart and Liz Malmo, two actresses that meet while shooting a short film and end up taking to the real lives the romance they live in action as Scarlet (Mel) and Simone (Liz). After the great success achieved with the first two seasons, RED renewed for the third season on Vimeo. Mel Béart and Liz Malmo are portrayed by Luciana Bollina and Ana Paula Lima. This playlist includes the complete season with English subtitles, press the “cc” button. Thanks to lesmedia (blog) for the discovery.

Watch the trailer and the full series on Vimeo:

It’s a lesbian-themed webseries independently produced and financed by its creators, Viv Schiller and Germana Belo, who were inspired by other great content shared within the LGBT community. Coming from a country where sexual diversity is timidly discussed, both writers felt it was time to create awesome content for [the local] people who want to see more stories that focus on same-sex relationships.

The sexy, emotionally-charged Brazilian series was nominated for Best Foreign Language series at the New York Web Festival. Last year, season two left us with some dramatic cliffhangers, and we’ve been waiting to see the passion between characters Liz and Mel unfold in the third season. Well, today, we are getting what we hoped for with a RED season 3! If you aren’t familiar with the series, check out season 1 + 2 here

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