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On the eve of nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage, partners Jules and Sydney find themselves rushing into a hasty engagement, which both strengthens and tests their relationship.

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Disengaged is the first season of a short webseries made by Super Deluxe. It follows the procrastination of a lesbian couple after they decided to get legally married. The fateful decision brings the two women under a lot of pressure and start taking a disproportionate place in their quotidian. Sidney and Jules try to navigate between love and marriage as a same-sex couple in the modern age without falling into monotony. This is a fairly comedic picture that shows what could happen if you are not ready for such a lifetime commitment.

Marriage is a tricky institution for queer people that tends to elicit many strong emotions. A new web series, “Disengaged,” is exploring the effect of the SCOTUS ruling on queer couples and providing a commentary about the pressure that many couples have felt to get legally married post-ruling.

“Jen and I really wanted to explore co-dependency, female relationships, and romance,” Jen Tullock said of her and co-creator Hannah Utt’s intentions with the series. “We also wanted to play the leads in our show. When we decided upon the inciting incident of the Supreme Court Ruling, everything else fell into place and we realized we’d happened upon a perfect vehicle through which to explore our complicated and varied feelings about marriage, monogamy and other prescribed social constructs that wind up dictating very personal decisions.”

Tullock and Utt have released a whole season of “Disengaged,” ten episodes in total. Utt told The Huffington Post that the show is meant to explore the many nuances of queer feeling surrounding marriage as an institution ― including queer people who don’t necessarily believe in marriage.

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