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Photo by: Micah Van Hove, EVER film

EVER is an independent feature film by Josh Beck,
starring Wendy McColm and Christina Elizabeth Smith.

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The entire movie is free to watch online. Here’s Why Director Josh Beck Released His First Film Online for Free. EVER — a story about a girl coping with depression and finding new light in her life. The production was scrappy — a $12,000 movie, a crew of 3 — and together we sailed on the filmmaking ocean with varying degrees of failure and brilliance.

“With all the writing I’ve been doing about distribution, it always strikes me as interesting to see the widely divergent viewpoints on how to release” Says Josh,  “It’s a part of the process that a lot of first-time filmmakers don’t plan for” Josh Beck shares what he’s learned:

“When I first set out to make a feature, I had very optimistic hopes for the future success of the film. I wanted my self-financed, very personal little project called EVER to go out and take the festival circuit by storm, and then go on to play in theaters and DVD players for audiences throughout the world. I think it’s healthy for filmmakers to be ambitious, but what happens if it doesn’t pan out the way you had planned?”

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